Year 6

A Message for the Summer...
Parents please be advised that we are not able to verify the security of any of the suggested websites and links provided in our Learning from Home planning. Please ensure that you are with your child whilst they are accessing the internet and be vigilant for any unsuitable content.

Weekly Refection Time - What are the benefits of writing a diary?

Keeping a diary is a fantastic way of expressing our feelings, bad or good. It's great for our well-being as, by writing down our thoughts and feelings, we can truly reflect on them which helps us to remember the good times, and overcome the bad. 

In addition, writing regular diary entries will give you something to look back on in the future to see how the younger you thought and felt!

Please do this ‘Dear Diary’ activity in your book at the end of each week.

**Check out the resources available in the new online lessons section of our Learning from Home page. There is lots to explore here including music lessons with Mrs Coombes and a wide range of videos from excellent sources. You may find these useful if you need to try something new to freshen up your learning from home routine, or if you are having to do a lot of your work independently. **