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Intent - Implementation - Impact

"Geography is a subject which holds the key to our future."
Michael Palin
At West Kirby Primary School, we aim to enable our pupils to be healthy, ecologically aware, global citizens of the future. We want our children to love Geography. Our aim is that, through the teaching of Geography at West Kirby Primary School, we provide a purposeful platform for exploring, appreciating and understanding the world we live in. In Geography, pupils in our school will learn the skills of understanding locational knowledge. We also intend for children to become knowledgeable about our local community and beyond. We will encourage all pupils to be curious, excited and ask questions about the world they live in.
  • At West Kirby Primary School, our half termly topics either have a Geography or History focus.
  • Topics are blocked to allow children to focus on developing their knowledge and skills.
  • A History or Geography focus is at the core of what we teach and when possible, other areas of the curriculum are linked to the Geography and History topic.
  • Location knowledge and map work are woven through our Geography topics.
  • We have developed a progression of skills with each year group, which enables pupils to build on and develop their knowledge and skills each year.
  • In order to support children in their ability to know more and remember more, there are opportunities to review the learning that has taken part in previous topics as well as previous lessons.
  • Each phase ensures good quality texts linked to the topic are chosen. These will engage and inspire the children to produce good quality writing.
  • When possible, guided reading texts are chosen to link to topics.
  • Children are given a Knowledge Organiser at the start of each topic which details key information and vocabulary. These are to support children with their acquisition of knowledge and are used as a reference document.
  • Differentiation is facilitated by teachers, to ensure that each pupil can access the Geography curriculum.
  • Class displays linked to the Geography topic, show the vocabulary we expect the children to be using, support the children in their learning, and create a rich learning environment.
  • Effective use of educational visits/visitors are planned, to engage, enrich and enhance the pupil’s learning experiences within the Geography curriculum.
  • At the beginning of each topic, children will review previous learning and will have the opportunity to share what they already know about a current topic.
  • New and updated Geography resources are shared regularly with staff.
  • To support teaching, staff access a range of resources and planning including Oddizzi, Twinkl, Purple Mash, Google Earth and PlanBee.

Our Geography curriculum will lead pupils to be enthusiastic Geography learners, evidenced in a range of ways, including children's books, class big book, our e-portfolios, our displays and the children's own opinions of their learning (pupil voice).

By the time pupils leave West Kirby Primary School, they will...

  • Have an extensive base of geographical knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Have an excellent knowledge of where places are and what they are like.
  • Have a passion for and commitment to the subject, and a real sense of curiosity to find out about the world and the people who live there.
  • Have the ability to express well-balanced opinions, rooted in very good knowledge and understanding about current and contemporary issues in society and the environment.
Geography Subject Leader: Mrs O'Connor