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English as an Additional Language - EAL

Many children at our school have English as an additional language (EAL), some speaking three or more languages in their daily life. We acknowledge the value of children being fluent in more than one language and the additional dimension it brings to children's social and cultural development.
We carefully monitor and track the progress of pupils with EAL to ensure they are not disadvantaged and recognise that a number of our children require additional support to acquire the same competence in English as in their home language(s).  This support is provided in class through carefully differentiated work and, where appropriate, through the additional support of a teaching assistant and specific teaching support from MEAS (Minority Ethnic Achievement Service).


Our provision differs according to each child’s needs. Children are assessed and monitored , so that we are able to plan the best support, enabling them to make excellent progress and become fluent in speaking and understanding English. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to socialise and interact with their peers so that they can learn from each other. This is particularly important for New Arrivals, therefore any withdrawal of our EAL children from class is for a specific purpose and is linked to the work of that class. 

We aim to have books in the children's home language in class reading areas. 

We explore opportunities for the children at WKPS to learn from children who have lived in other countries and speak other languages.

We aim to get to know new families as best as we can and will seek a translator if needed to support any meetings that are held. 

In some situations, signage in the language of the child may be used around school. At the moment this is in place for Ukrainian children. 

We look to celebrate different languages and raise awareness. 

We aim to support situations, such as the current war in Ukraine through special events. In July 2022, we held a singing event lead by Year 4. This enabled us to fundraise and send money to The British Red Cross. 


New Arrivals (Provision)

New arrivals in EYFS and KS1 do not have a specific learning programme – their needs are met through classroom provision following a baseline assessment.

New arrivals in KS2 with limited understanding of English are likely to need a structured, English language programme to support their learning. We work closely with MEAS for this, and try to ensure that children are supported within class as much as possible and only removed from class when necessary.


School of Sanctuary

What makes a school a School of Sanctuary? 

  • A place that fosters a culture of welcome and safety for people seeking sanctuary, including asylum seeking and refugee families.
  • Educates the whole school community about the human right to sanctuary and identifies practical means for schools to demonstrate that commitment.
  • Builds empathy and intercultural awareness through promoting the voices and contributions of people seeking sanctuary, encouraging an understanding of the experiences of displaced people and helping to combat stereotype.
 We are proud to say that we were awarded the School of Sanctuary award in July 2018, and this was successfully renewed in 2023. 
At West Kirby Primary School, the teacher with responsibility for EAL is Mrs O'Connor.