A warm welcome to West Kirby Primary School. Are you looking for F1 provision or the right school for your child? If so, come and visit us and see us in action. Call or email our School Office to make arrangements.

School Organisation

Our School Day

8.40am - 3.20pm for F2 - Year 6

A School Week of 33 hours and 20 minutes. 

School Organisation 

We have mixed age and mixed ability classes which are organised into four phases;

Foundation Stage: F1 and F2 - two mixed classes

Key Stage 1: Year 1 and Year 2- three classes

Lower Key Stage 2: Year 3 and Year 4: three classes

Upper Key Stage 2: Year 5 and Year 6: three classes 

Staff in each of these four phases work closely together in teams to plan and deliver curriculum themes to meet the needs of the range of pupils within their section

As children move through the school they have the opportunity to work in class groups which may comprise of pupils in the same school year, the year below or the year above. This means they get to know a wide peer group well. There are many opportunities for older pupils to work with and support younger ones with the result that across the school many pupils know each other by name.