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Further information about our uniform can be found in our Uniform Policy.

West Kirby Primary School’s policy on school uniform is based on the belief that school uniform; 

  • Promotes a sense of pride in our school 

  • Helps to create a sense of community and belonging towards the school 

  • Identifies the children with the school 

  • Supports our commitment to inclusion 

  • Prevents children from wearing ‘fashion clothes’ that could be distracting in class 

  • Is practical, smart and designed with health and safety in mind 

  • Is considered good value for money by most parents 


Our School Uniform 

We expect all our children to wear a school sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan, ideally carrying our school logo. Items with our school logo can be purchased from local uniform shops 

School uniform items can also be purchased from any high street store or supermarket. 

Children are expected to wear flat, black school shoes unless on a PE day when they will be asked to come into school in their PE kit/trainers for the whole day. 

We expect all pupils to comply with this uniform policy, which will be monitored. Any pupil who falls short of these requirements will be advised of this fact by their class teacher and given the opportunity to improve. Continued failure to comply will be brought to the attention of the Headteacher. 


Uniform (F1) 

  • Navy blue jumper or cardigan (logo optional) 

  • White polo-shirt (logo optional) 

  • Blue and white checked dress in warmer weather (optional) 

  • Grey skirt, trousers or shorts  


Uniform (F2 – Year 6) 

  • Royal blue jumper/ cardigan/ sweatshirt (logo optional) 

  • Grey skirt or pinafore dress (skirt should be knee length) 

  • Blue and white checked dress in warmer weather (optional) 

  • Grey trousers or shorts (shorts should be knee length) 

  • White polo-shirt (logo optional) 

  • White knee length or white ankle socks with skirts, pinafores or dresses 

  • Grey or black socks with trousers/shorts 

  • Grey tights in colder weather  

  • Flat, black school shoes 



  • Navy blue tracksuit (logo optional). No hoods please.  

  • Pale blue plain t-shirt or pale blue school logo t-shirt 

  • Navy blue shorts (no branding) 

  • Plain dark-coloured joggers/tracksuit bottoms for outdoors (no branding) 

  • Trainers (not pumps – these do not support the children’s feet in PE) 


Swimming (Year 2 – Year 6) 

Boys: towel, swimming trunks (not baggy shorts) 

Girls: towel, full swimming costume (no tankinis or bikinis) 

Goggles can be worn if your child wishes to 

No jewellery including earnings should be worn for swimming  


All items of uniform should be clearly labelled with your child’s name so that it can be returned if misplaced. 


School Bags/Book Bags

Large bags do not need to be brought into school. There is a great shortage of space in our cloakrooms and large bags exacerbate the problem. Lunch boxes can be carried into school and the stored on class lunch trolleys.  

Book bags are available to purchase from The School Office for £5.00.  


Second Hand Uniforms 

FUPS - We have a collection point in school for any unwanted school uniform. This is taken to FUPS, who operate a shop where Parents and Carers can get free school uniform from. Explore their website to find out more about how free school uniform can be obtained.

Click Here - FUPS