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 Items of school uniform for are listed below: 

  • White school shirt/blouse or white polo shirt
  • Optional school tie (red, blue and yellow diagonal stripe)
  • Royal Blue school cardigan/pullover/school sweatshirt (no hoods)
  • Grey school trousers (short or long)
  • Grey school skirt/pinafore dress/culottes
  • Grey or white plain socks/tights
  • Plain, flat black school shoes 
  • Blue and white gingham summer dress (optional in warm weather) and white or black school shoes or sandals with enclosed toes
  • Foundation 1 as above but optional

Long hair (touching shoulders or below) should be tied back for school.

No jewellery other than a watch should be worn. If your child has pierced ears please ensure that only studs are worn. These should be removed or covered for PE. 


We do ask that children should bring suitable items of clothing for physical education activities: - 

  • Navy Shorts (not Bermuda or cycling shorts) and Pale blue tee shirt
  • Pumps/plimsolls (preferably without laces for infants) for outside activities
  • PE bag with strings – not a rucksack as space is limited

For dance and gymnastics in the school hall, children are expected to perform in bare feet unless parents’ request otherwise in writing.  

In cold weather grey or navy tracksuit trousers are recommended for outdoor activities. 

The following items are available to purchase from school office

Navy PE Bags - £3.00

School Tie - £2.00

All other items are widely available at supermarkets and you can also order directly from ID Uniforms of 1 Carr Lane, Hoylake CH47 4BG on http://www.iduniforms.co.uk/shop/west-kirby-primary-school.html

Red or blue book bag – gift from PTA

Please ensure all items of clothing, including shoes, are clearly named: they all look the same! We can only return clearly named items to their owners. The Lost Property cupboard is situated in the entrance foyer. Any items not claimed at the end of each term will be recycled.