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West Kirby Primary School - PTA 

We’re a friendly and proactive group of people who are passionate about helping the children get the best out of their time at West Kirby Primary. Our main function is to raise funds to support the school and organise activities for children that contribute to their social wellbeing and provide those ‘little extras’ that make their time at West Kirby Primary School memorable.

We also provide a really good network for parents, carers and grandparents to bring school and home closer together. Lastly, we are here for the simple reason that we want to get together socially, meet new people and have fun!

The PTA is run by a committee, who are all volunteers.

At present we have a core group of about twelve parents who meet monthly to plan and organise events. 

PTA Chair : Laura Stephens

PTA Vice Chair : Rhiannon Davis

PTA Co.Treasurers : Matthew McKee & Kieran Joglekar

PTA Secretary: Amanda Stanton 

We also have nominated class representatives who pass information from the PTA to other parents in their child’s class. Please do join your class WhatsApp group to keep in the loop about our activities and find out more.

Class Representatives...

F1 - Suzie Davies 

F2 -    Laura Stephens

Year 1 -  Laura Stokes 

Year 2  - Lexi Oliver 

Year 3  - Liz Potter 

Year 4  - Becky Simpson 

Year 5  - Kath Shannon 

Year 6  - Dominique Mclaughlin 

What we have achieved...

Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds for the school which has been used to buy equipment and host many fun activities for the children and parents.

We focus on raising funds for equipment that will keep the children healthy, promote social interaction and develop self-confidence. Our activities are all about having fun!

Equipment funded by the PTA...

  • Outdoor History Timeline
  • Outdoor World Map and Wirral Map
  • Contribution to Rocket Phonics Scheme 
  • iPads
  • Ergonomic chairs and other furniture
  • Improvements to the playgrounds
  • Play and sports equipment
  • Classroom and Library Reading Books
  • Interactive Whiteboards for Classrooms
  • Technology Equipment in the Hall - Screen, Sound System and Projector 
  • Lunch Time Plates and Bowls
  • Author Visit - Tom Palmer 

These are some of the activities run and funded by the PTA...

  • Pantomime Trips
  • Summer Fair
  • Christmas Fair
  • Break the rules day
  • Jolly Jars
  • Christmas and Craft activities
  • Film night
  • Mother's Day and Father's Day gift table
  • Cakes sales
  • Disco
  • Spooky Hair
  • Halloween Competitions
  • Ice Lolly Sales
  • Coffee Mornings 
  • Year 6 End of Year Event 
  • Book Sale (World Book Day)
  • Race and quiz nights (just for adults)

You’re in!

All parents, carers, guardians and staff are automatically a member of the WKPS PTA. There are plenty of ways to be involved. We hold regular meetings for those who want to take part in planning and organising events and activities. But we realise that not everyone is able to come to the meetings. There are plenty of other ways to contribute to supporting our funding raising events and activities. Lots of the support you can give can be provided at home. 

Here are just some of the things you can do to support...

  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Join your class WhatsApp group where your PTA Class Rep can keep you updated on activities and events
  • Bring us your thoughts and ideas for fund raising. The PTA can help plan and deliver them.
  • Help out at events – we know you can’t always make the meetings, but we always need volunteers to help run events, wrap presents. Lots of support can be given from home.
  • Use your skills – everyone has a way of contributing - providing prizes, securing prizes from local businesses, hands on crafting like face painting, nail art etc, gardening, cake baking. Please let us know if you’ve any special skills that might help raise funds or provide activities that the children will enjoy. 
  • Make a donation using our account details. If you’ve a specific cause you’d like to donate to then please let us know.

Our PTA meetings are held monthly, usually on a Wednesday evening, with details set out by the school and on our Facebook page.  Everyone is welcome and we are always looking to expand this group. The meetings are relaxed, friendly and open to all, providing a great opportunity to meet fellow parents and make a positive contribution towards the school.

 Keep in touch...

Most information will be shared on our Facebook page.


Please like and follow.

We will also share information via Class Reps WhatsApp group and by email from the school office.



PTA Events 
Autumn One 
Welcome back: Coffee Morning
Friday, 29th September 2023 (8:40am onwards)
Spooky Hair Day - Friday 20th October 2023
Spooky Jolly Jar Sale -  Friday 20th October 2023 (afterschool)
Autumn Two
Spooky Raffle Draw : Monday 31st October 2023
Halloween Disco : 31st October 2023
PTA Coffee Morning : Friday 17th November 2023 (8:40am onwards)
Christmas Fair : Friday 1st December 2023 (after school) 
Pantomime Production: Thursday 14th December (funded by PTA)