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Uncollected Children Procedure

On rare occasions, children are not collected from educational settings before closing time.

These guidelines, developed in conjunction with Children’s Social Care and the Police, are written to help staff respond sensitively and consistently to ensure the safety and welfare of such children.



  •   Ensure that full contact information is received promptly from all parents & carers and regularly updated
  •   Inform parents & carers that if a child is not collected from the setting by closing time, this procedure will be followed.

Non-collection of child:

If a child is not collected within an agreed period of time, e.g. 15 minutes after closing time, the following steps should be taken:

  •          A check should be made for information about changes to the normal collection routines
  •          Reasonable attempts should be made to contact:

o   Parents or carers at home or at work

o   Other adults authorised to collect the child from the setting


  •          The child should not leave the premises with anyone other than parents or nominated carers
  •          If no-one can be contacted to collect the child after e.g. one hour, the relevant Children’s Social Care Area Team or Police should be contacted.
  •          The child should stay at the setting in the care of two fully-vetted staff members until safely collected either by the parents,  a nominated carer, social worker or police officer
  •          Children’s Social Care will assess the child’s situation and  find appropriate and safe alternative accommodation if needed
  •          Under no circumstances should staff attempt to look for the parent, nor should they take the child home with them
  •          A full written report of the incident must be recorded in the child's safeguarding file
  •          In the case of Early Years settings, Ofsted must be informed if the child has been referred to Children’s Social Care