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11+ information for those children in Year 5.

11+ information for those children in Year 5. REGISTER before 31st May. Registration opens for Year 5 children on 1st May.


The 11 Plus (also called the 11+ or Eleven Plus) is an examination taken by some school pupils in their last year of primary school to get into a grammar school of their choice. In reality most children will only be 10 years old when they take the test. The term “11 Plus” refers to the fact that the test selects for schools with an entry point for children aged 11 or over.


The 11 plus in Wirral is administered by the Wirral Borough Council for:

  • Calday Grange Grammar School
  • West Kirby Grammar School
  • Wirral Grammar school for Girls
  • Wirral Grammar school for Boys.

The testing venue will be allocated by the Wirral Borough Council in the August prior to testing taking place in September. All parents who have requested testing of their child by the deadline date will be informed of the testing location by letter. 


However, St. Anselm’s College and Upton Hall School administer their own tests.

Click on this link to apply for 11+ for your child before 31st May.

Wirral 11+ Assessment application page


If you require further information with regard to admissions to Secondary School or the 11+ please visit Wirral Admissions website.