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Reading for Pleasure

Reading For Pleasure 

Evidence suggests that there is a positive relationship between reading frequency, reading enjoyment and attainment (Clark 2011; Clark and Douglas 2011).

Our aim at West Kirby Primary School is to foster a culture of reading for enjoyment so that all our pupils recognise themselves as readers.

If young people  are allowed to read what they enjoy, they are more likely to read. The more they read, the better they get. The better they get, the more likely they are to read and enjoy.

Reading for Pleasure is the key to academic achievement and success. Without the ability to read, young people are unable to access other areas of the curriculum. Other benefits to reading for pleasure include: text comprehension and grammar, positive reading attitudes, pleasure in reading in later life and increased general knowledge. Evidence also suggests that reading for pleasure is an activity that has emotional and social consequences.

Reading success is often judged by if children are reading quality fiction books. Of course, this can be the main way in which children achieve reading and writing success. This is always our aim,  and there is a focus on teaching high quality literature as part of our English curriculum. However, Reading for Pleasure can incorporate many other types of reading to improve fluency, vocabulary and foster enjoyment. At West Kirby Primary School we provide non fiction, poetry, magazines and newspapers, reflecting the diversity, interests and attainments of our pupils throughout the whole school.

Think of your child’s reading opportunities at home and outside. Do they read the menu in the restaurant, sit with a comic, follow a recipe, subtitles on the TV, listen to a CD in the car, go on a website, read the instructions for a computer game, a programme at the theatre? These are all opportunities for children to read and engage.

As parents and carers, you can help your child’s reading journey by...

  • Creating opportunities for your children to read
  • Provide the time and peace to concentrate and enjoy their preferred choice of reading
  • Provide a wide range of reading material and help them explore all genres
  • Join your local library
  • Read to them
  • Read with them
  • Introduce book talk - discuss and join in with what they are reading

An important factor in developing reading for pleasure is choice; choice and interest are highly related.

  • West Kirby Primary School is a Reading School.
  • We promote Reading for Pleasure.
  • We provide choice.
  • We aim to foster and achieve a love of reading in all our pupils and work with families to ensure our pupils achieve  being the best readers they can be.