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"Victory is in the quality of competition and not the final score."
Mike Marshall 

When pupils leave West Kirby Primary School we want them to demonstrate resilience, independence and have good knowledge of how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Pupils should understand the positive impact physical activity can have on their mental wellbeing and have the skills and enthusiasm needed to enjoy lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.  As a school we value the impact PE and Sport can have on other areas of school life including parental engagement, social interaction, attendance and behaviour and will develop opportunities to support each of these areas throughout the provision of wider PE, Sport and Physical activity. For our pupils, the curriculum will place additional focus on water safety and school swimming, developing good physical fitness/stamina, establishing school teams and using leadership opportunities to further enhance skills such as communication, responsibility and organisation.  



Our curriculum will support pupils in developing a broad range of physical skills that can be transferred to a range of contexts, in an environment where they feel confident and able to succeed. The curriculum will also provide opportunities to raise awareness of disability sport and strengthen links with the local community through partnering with other schools and creating links with local providers.



As a school we will know that we have been successful in the following 3 areas if:

  • Health – Children show increased mental well-being and resilience
  • Participate in long term sustainable activity
  • Have a feeling of belonging in teams
  • Global awareness – develop a knowledge of the world around them through dance and learning about disability sport
  • Eco awareness – understand the need to conserve national resources
  • Sustainability of local resources
PE Subject Leader: Mrs Burrows