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Introducing Library Jane


Introducing Library Jane

My name is Jane Hitchin. I am known by everyone as Library Jane! I love my nickname. It strikes a direct message to the school that reading is fun and is not something “ that school make you do”.

I am a qualified librarian BA (Hons) Librarianship and Information Studies with a specialty in children’s literature, reading and development.

My role at West Kirby Primary is not only to support and advise the teaching staff with the curriculum, but most importantly to promote Reading for Pleasure. I research, purchase, fund raise and promote books for the school library and for the classroom. Following social media,  reading websites and book publishers, I ensure that our pupils have a wealth of material to read, share and enjoy.

All our children are given access to the library every week to choose reading material for reading at home. I am there to advise, tempt, persuade them to read. I know what will tempt individual children and will even purchase titles especially for some of our most reluctant and struggling readers.

We have the Can’t Reads, Won’t Reads and Greater Depth children who all need reading material to keep them engaged and be the best readers they can be.

On sunny days we build dens in the playground and take out a trolley of books. In winter we cosy up in the library at lunchtime to share books with blankets and cushions.

Hopefully, you will have seen the Sway Reading Newsletters that we send out every 2 weeks - if not, check out the previous editions on our website.  We hope that this helps to inform our families of the fantastic reading opportunities and events that we have in school to engage our children with reading and literacy, and give ideas for reading at home.

I also have the privilege of taking reading groups and individuals for reading interventions. My reading groups help me get to know these children as readers, improve vocabulary and comprehension, gain confidence as a reader and as a person, but most of all show how fun reading can be. Whilst we share great books, they also share their lives, their fears, their triumphs – triggered by the story or just from being in a relaxed, safe space.

West Kirby Primary School- we are a Reading School.