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Marvellous Me

At West Kirby Primary School we use Marvellous Me to communicate with families with children in Year 1 - Year 6 
Marvellous Me is a FREE app that you can download. 
Once you have downloaded and signed up using your child's unique code you can...
  • Get an insight into your child's school day by getting alerts when your child’s teacher sends a postcard or badge.
  • Support your child's learning and development by having meaningful conversations with your child about school. Your involvement will have the biggest impact on their ongoing success.
  • Celebrate your child's success Smile every time your child gets a badge. Tell them how proud you are and reinforce their good work and positive behaviours.
  • Keep up-to-date with any messages or reminders that are sent from your child’s teacher.
  • Hi-5 class teachers back to show you have seen the alert on Marvellous Me.
All parents/carers and any member of the family who you wish to be involved can download the FREE Marvellous Me app and then get started using a unique code for their child. 
Please call in at the office if you need your child's code and we can provide this for you. 
If you have any technical difficulties or questions about Marvellous Me - please ask us and we will do our best to answer or find out the answer.