The Daily Mile

5th October 2020
The 'Golden Mile' Event

On the 7th October, School Games are asking all schools on Merseyside to participate in the Daily Mile. 

It is an opportunity to promote walking and running as a great form of exercise, especially at a time when exercise is even more important than ever.

We will operate a 'Gold Mile' Event and  KS2 will be walking/running on the Anglesey Road field and EYFS and KS1 will be walking/running on our school playgrounds. This event will take place in Class bubble groups.

Please send all children to school in warm PE kits with trainers and a waterproof- look out for photos on our website.

The children on the field will complete 4 laps of the field. The teacher will tick off a lap on a class register, each time they pass the start line.

The children may end up walking, this is allowed, as long as it is a brisk walk and they complete 4 laps.