The Parents and Teachers Association is made up of a small team of dedicated volunteers who run events throughout the year and fundraise a significant amount of money for the school. The standout events of the PTA calendar are the Summer and Christmas Fairs which are extremely popular and help bring together our school community to celebrate. The PTA also arranges regular events such as school discos, Mothers and Father’s day tables, quiz nights and the Year 6 end of school leavers celebration amongst other highlights. All of the money raised by the PTA goes directly to aiding the educational or social wellbeing of our pupils. Recently the PTA has been able to provide book bags, computer tablets for each classroom, new books and a large contribution towards the playground redevelopment to the school. 

Everybody is welcome to take part, either in the running of the PTA or helping with the events, with all help greatly appreciated. Our PTA meetings are held monthly, usually on a Wednesday evening, with details in the school newsletter. The meetings are relaxed, friendly and open, providing a great opportunity to meet fellow parents and make a positive contribution towards the school.