No Litter in the Sea

4th December 2020
No Litter in the Sea
Every week Skylark Class look at a news story using a resource called Picture News.
A few weeks ago, the news story was about some schoolchildren in Cornwall who had campaigned to stop the Comic Relief red noses from being made of single use plastics.
This campaign was backed by Sir David Attenborough. We discussed single use plastics and looked at the effects of plastic pollution in the oceans. Some children decided to write messages and create posters at home on this subject and wanted to send them to David Attenborough, which we did.
This morning we were thrilled to receive a reply from Sir David thanking us for our messages and pictures.
I think the children should feel very proud of their response to this news story, and hopefully Sir David's letter will inspire them to continue to think about ways that they can contribute to protecting our planet in the future.