14th May 2021
'Imagine if we could put children’s voices at the heart of G7 2021 and make the summit relevant to their young lives…'
Sing2G7 is about helping young children to aspire to have their voices heard on world issues that matter to them. It’s about empowering them to know they can make a difference. Volunteer-led, it was inspired by children, including my 10 year old, who is desperate for leaders to take action to protect endangered species.He says, ‘Who will listen to me, I’m just a child!’ With G7 leaders coming to UK in June, we wondered…'how can we get them to hear children’s voices in a new way?'
The catchy song, ’Gee Seven,’ written for us by Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs, is our chosen vehicle. Already as we write, 160 UK schools and 13,000+ young voices worldwide have signed up to sing the song. So if you join us, your school will swell a truly global chorus - creating an un-ignorable musical message to world leaders. That’s quite something in a year of isolation and separation. Do click here to watch our song video - we’re finding primary school children connect really deeply with the music and imagery.
How to join us to sing ‘Gee Seven’:
Free sheet music, tutorials, backing tracks, lyrics are on our website: Please do post your rendition online using #Sing2G7 and tagging us in @Sing2G7. You can also send us photos or miniclips of your pupils singing: and we will feature them. We will be having a mega-zoom just before the Summit, so do sign up to be involved.