Introduction to Learning from Home

Parents please be advised that we are not able to verify the security of any of the suggested websites and links provided in our Learning from Home planning. Please ensure that you are with your child whilst they are accessing the internet and be vigilant for any unsuitable content.


 Welcome to West Kirby Primary School Learning from Home

Hello- This is where you will find all of your lessons and resources to use whilst you are learning from home. They will be uploaded at the end of each week for the week ahead. 

You need an exercise book to keep your work in so you can share it when you come back to school- and you might have some work on paper and some things you have made.

You will find a timetable to follow each day from Monday to Friday during term time- just like in school.


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There will be English and Maths activities for every morning. 

There will be a task each week for 8 other subjects and you should choose 2 of these to complete each day from Monday- Thursday.

There will also be an exercise task and a singing/ dancing activity to do daily to help keep you active.
On a Friday afternoon, there will be something a bit different to try as well as a weekly Diary to complete.

There will be some tasks you can do on-line and some you can write in your book. If you are working on-line you will need your parent's permission and should only use the websites indicated. If you see anything which makes you uncomfortable, turn off the screen and tell an adult.

We will also upload guidance for parents and answers for some tasks. We will not be able to mark your work for you so please ask your parents to talk through your work with you.   

It is also a great chance to learn some new skills from other family members such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, knitting, weaving and all kinds or arts and crafts, modelling and making things, being creative, reading great books, playing board games or card games and having fun together…