How NOT to go to School

1st May 2020

How to NOT go to school

This book was written by a teacher to help children understand life during lockdown. It has become an unexpected global hit, read by thousands of families around the world.

Birmingham City University graduate Mike Forde has published the book titled How to NOT go to school, which navigates issues that children might be experiencing like missing friends and feeling cooped up during the coronavirus pandemic.  
Follow this link to download a free copy of the book

The eBook is aimed at children aged 7-11; and tells the story of Parsley Mimblewood.

Parsley has actually been homeschooled all her life and she is pretty good at it! She has created an imaginary guinea pig , alongside two real ones, and three goats that she helps to care for. At the same time, she is solving mysteries with Detective Dracula. This detective is also a figment of her wonderfully active imagination.

Parsley has written all about the things that you need to think about when you don’t go to school – she thinks about a different thing in each chapter of the book:

  • How to care for your grown up
  • What about your friends
  • How to teach yourself to teach yourself better than a teacher could teach yourself
  • How to feel joyful, disgusted, angry, sad and hopeful, and
  • The last chapter of the book.