Home Learning Rationale


Home learning

Children spend more time at home than they do in school. Here at West Kirby Primary School, we want to work in partnership with you to ensure that all of our pupils enjoy learning and are curious to try things out and find out more. By providing rich experiences at home, you can give your child a great head start in school. We hope you will enjoy watching your child flourish and will welcome your feedback and suggestions…

We have tried to balance the diverse views of parents and children relating to homework by setting some regular routine tasks to practise key skills as well as a variety of cross curricular challenges designed to be fun. We also include some optional extras for those who want a bit more…

Since September 2014, we have been posting all of our home learning tasks on our school website and provide paper copies on request. At the beginning of each half term, you can see a list of tasks set as well as useful web links. Most of these link directly to on line games or activities for your children to complete but occasionally some may link to short tutorials to explain concepts and methods.

We have a policy of not marking homework - which may sound surprising. Our staff give verbal feedback to pupils throughout the day, encouraging children and helping them to improve their work as they go along. They also spend a great deal of time after school marking work completed independently in the classroom in order to provide feedback to children on how to improve.

There is no way for staff to know how much support a child has had with their home learning – we trust that parents will provide encouragement and some feedback on the spot. If there is something specific that you would like clarification on, please make a note in the Home Learning Diary.

Home Learning tasks are designed so that pupils get instant feedback online for Mathletics tasks ; pupils get feedback for spelling tasks in their weekly test results. Staff keep a record of these scores and can share these on request at Parents Evenings but do not report these to all parents on a weekly basis. Children are encouraged to bring the finished outcomes of their other tasks and challenges into school to be shared and celebrated. Every classroom displays a selection of these and sometimes children are asked to share their Home Learning with the whole school in an Assembly.

Every child throughout the school will be expected to bring in the Home Learning Diary so that class teachers can keep track of home learning and respond to any comments or queries you have.

The diary will come home again with a response to your comment from the class teacher. We will send home a reminder if anyone has forgotten but please support your child in establishing this weekly routine.

Note: Our ICT suite is open to pupils and parents after school from 3.30-4pm every Friday – a member of staff will be on hand to answer any home learning queries.

Each child has a Home Learning Diary and we ask parents to sign to say which activities have been completed each week and to make a note if any difficulties were encountered or if you have any queries.

The expectations in terms of time spent on home learning and the level of challenge will increase as pupils move to each new key stage.

Home learning tasks should:

  • Be enjoyable for the children

  • Be clear to parents

  • Relate to our School Curriculum which includes the National Curriculum.

  • Include reading, phonics or spelling and maths activities each week

  • Include a topic related activity each half term which will be used in the classroom

  • Include minimum expectations for pupils at each key stage as well as suggestions for additional challenges for those who would like more

  • Not be marked by the class teacher- on line game sites will congratulate or correct children on the spot- this is the most effective form of marking. Activities brought into class will receive verbal feedback from staff and sometimes from other pupils

  • Be signed off by parents each week so that you know what your child has been doing and can feedback any comments you have to the class teachers who will respond by the next day

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