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Home School Agreement

In our school, we seek to create a happy, caring community where all children feel secure and confident, have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and can develop the skills to play a worthwhile part in society, both now and in the future.

Our school will:

• encourage children to do their best at all times

• provide a broad and balanced curriculum

• aim to meet the needs of all children

• aim to ensure children are happy

• aim to provide a safe environment

• inform parents regularly about their children’s progress and give them sufficient information about their child and his/her work

• be approachable and try to address parents’ and pupils’ worries or problems


The family will:

• ensure that their children attend regularly and punctually and tell the school at once why their child is absent

• tell school about any issues which may affect their child’s work or behaviour

• support the school’s behaviour policy and code of conduct

• support the school’s homework policy

• ensure that children come to school appropriately dressed

• try to avoid taking their children on holiday during term time

Children will try at all times:

• to do their best

• to uphold the school’s code of conduct and behave well

• to be considerate and helpful to others

• to treat everyone with politeness and respect

• to do their homework on time

Together we will:

• support each child’s learning to help them reach their full potential

• encourage children to become responsible members of the community

• work to create a happy, secure and productive school environment

• work to ensure that all members of the school community are treated equally